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Spectrum (Activities)

Group activities like, debates, discussions and seminars, etc. are conducted giving students participatory feeling among them and to develop their skills in public speaking. To be able to get on to the stage and give vent to one’s free expressions, help a child to get over his inhibitions and develop self confidence. Aesthetic development is an essential aspect of a child’s learning experience. The school provides many opportunities for students to explore their creativity and learn to appreciate artistic expression in visual arts, music, and drama.

Our Curriculum integrates with extra-curricular activities and programs that focus on bringing out the hidden talents in each child. We provide ample opportunities to students to interact by learning together, working together and by playing together.

Programmes and Activities

• Camping for Excellence/Training Programmes • Career Guidance & Counseling • Medical/Engineering Entrance Coaching • Field Trips • Community Development/ • Exhibitions • Interactions with Experts • Group Study • Celebrations of Festive Occasions • Co-curricular Activities

The following clubs function in the School to encourage and promote the different aptitudes of students:

• Literature Club • Science Club • Social Science Club • Quiz Club • Music Club – Indian/Western • Drama Club • Dance Club – Classical/Cinematic • Environment & Nature Club • Painting & Drawing Club • Sewing Club • Cycling Club • Yoga Club • Sports Club • Debating Club • History Club