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Co-curricular Activities

Academicss alone won’t make good individuals. In Sree Narayana Central School children are encouraged to choose from a wide range of extra-curricular activities in which they receive serious training. This includes: Physical Education , Drama, Yoga, etc. Students have opportunities to participate in painting, exhibit computer skills, etc. The school feels that the students should be exposed to as many extra-curricular activities as possible so that they could explore and cultivate their innate talents. It is a place both for Academicss, and fun and enjoyment. Children are provided opportunities for acting, singing and dancing, playing in the Orchestra or Band, writing and editing for the school magazines, or participating in public speaking or engaging in other co-curricular activities.

The school holds Science exhibitions to motivate and inspire students to experiment, explore and innovate in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom.

The school organizes, “Camping for Excellence” for students of secondary and senior secondary level, giving them opportunity to attend informative lectures and demonstration classes conducted by eminent personalities from various fields. The school is the venue of Informative and Awareness Programmes by experts in “Youth Development”, committed social workers and counsellers providing opportunities to nurture the talents of every student.

The school organizes regular charity services sensitizing students to the problems faced by the less able and less fortunate in society and to develop personal and social values and traits.